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The Archipelago function becomes available when you own 2 or more islands. The Archipelago View allows you to view all your purchased islands and Islets and arrange them how you like. You may also name your island group here.

Archipelago Shop Edit

Here you may purchase more islands and islets for your island group, there are currently 6 island designs available and 5 islets to chose from. Decorations for your archipelago can also be purchased, once bought they can be placed in the sea around your islands. The decorations currently are rock/ice type structures, weathered arches, lighthouses and bouys.


Tours can be conducted from the Archipelago View which you invite your friends to join. There are currently 2 types of tour one that needs 5 friends to complete and one that needs 20, you only need one friend to complete, but it can only be joined once every 24 hours. The tours provide different rewards the 5 man tour provides an Arch de Salle, a large arch, and the 20 man tour provides rewards a Water Wheel, an animated water decoration. Both are available for purchase from the Merchant Ship.