Attractions are the main source of income in the game. Attractions can be gifted, awarded for completing quests, salvaged or bought with coins or facebook credits. The number of attractions a player can place on their island depends on the player's level, each level allows the player to place 2 new attractions on their island. All attractions can be upgraded two times to add to the amount of money collected. The types of attractions are seperated in the Island Shop into 4 catagories:





Attractions can be collected from once they reach 2/3 of the maximum amount they can hold, which is represtned with a mony bag above it which the player can activate by clicking on. For example a level 1 Beach Bungalow can hold a maximum of 500 coins, once the attraction reaches 335 coins a money bag will appear above it and players may collect the money. When a player collects coins from the attraction the amount is set back to 0. The time it takes for collects varies, however on attractions that can hold between 500-1500 coins, 4-6 hours pass until players may collect the coins.


Upgrading attractions costs coins but will bring more tourists to a player's island. Each attraction has 3 levels; The basic level that comes from the shop, gift, salvage. The first upgrade can be done immediately when purchased, as upgrading existing attractions is not limited by a player's level. Each upgrade takes a certain amount of time, usually the more expensive the attractions the longer the upgrades take and cost. The first upgrade is cheaper and shorter than the second, the second upgrade of most attractions takes considerably longer at much higher costs. While attractions are being upgraded, it cannot earn money or be moved. Upgrading attractions extends the maximum number of coins it can hold, however the higher the collect, the longer it will take for players to be able to collect from it.

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