Tourists are generated characters who come to your Island. They arrive either by dock or airport. The tourists on your island spend money on the attractions you have placed around your island. They are the source of your islands income.

The ways to increase tourism on your island are:

  • Upgrading attractions
  • Upgrading the Airport and Docks.

By clicking on tourists you can see; their mood, how far they have walked over your island, how many pictures they have taken, and how much money they have spent. It is important that your tourists are in a good mood as it encourages more spending. You may also buy a tourist a drink, at no cost to yourself, currently it is the only direct contact you can have with tourists.

Special Events

There are at least two special events which affect tourist populations on your island.

Firstly there is the pirate ship event in which a Galleon with black sails and a skull and cross bone flag makes port on your island and occupies the dock. Pirates will swarm over your island and occasionally shoot your tourists, and bring the population down. To get rid of this event simply visit your second island, or a friend or re-load the game. It is also possible to get a pirate flag by purchasing a drink for a pirate.

The second event is Alien visitors. This is an amusing event in which a flying saucer hovers round your island and beams down several Elvis's onto your island, who will act like a regular tourist.